Here are a few photos of the light:
Generator before the Restoration
The light before Restoration
The Light and Generator lifted
by Tad Ulrich of Dairy Co.
New Ulm
The Radiator before the Kato Radiator rebuild
The front of the light before the
The photo is dated 5/6/04.  
The light goes into the paint booth
The light was painted by Mike's Carstar of New Ulm
The light was lettered by the late Greg Windhorn
of Windhorn's Signs of New Ulm
Bob Meza, a good friend of mine located in Santa Clarita
Ca.  Bob has the only original Fully Restored World War
II  Ge Carbon Arc Searchlight in the world.  This photo
was taken in Feb 08 on my visit out to California.  Visit
Bob On the Web.
Click Here!
Bob's Searchlight
2008 visit out west I talked with Jerry Lutz of Vegas
Ad Lite
Bob Meza and myself at the 2013  Fort  MacArthur  
reenactment of the 1942 battle of LA.
Floyd Olson of Hollywood Ca.  Floyd has been
running searchlights in Hollywood for many years.  
He has over 30 lights in his fleet.  If you've seen Big
Carbon Arcs in Hollywood through the years it's
been Floyd. Floyd just sold his lights recently.
These are a few of Floyd's lights
Carbon Arc Photos
     The searchlight on Hermann the  
German in New Ulm.  
Mojo Solo Christmas Party St. Paul MN